AFF Futsal Club Championship - Bangkok 2015

East Coast is pleased to announce EMDA as our major sponsor

for the AFF Tournament.  EMDA provides comprehensive

technology-based business solutions for manufacturing and

distribution companies throughout New Zealand and Australia.

EMDA have also signed on again for the F-League 2016 season.

East Coast Heat is pleased to announce the traveling party to represent Australia in the AFF Club Championship in Bangkok from the 21st-30th November 2015. The tournament will be held at the Bangkok Arena and will feature club champions from Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Head of Delegation - Adrian Tamplin

Media - James Brackenrig

Coach  - Jamie Amendolia

Assistant Coach - Stephen Peters

Manager - Bobby Mazevski

Physio - Georgia King

Player List

1. Peter Spathis

2. Mark Brackenrig

3. Raymond Miller

4. Lachlan Wright

5. Shervin Keshavarz Adeli

6. Clayton Musumeci

7. Daniel Fulton

8. Jordan Guerreiro

9. Grant Lynch

10. Matt Mazevski

11. Harry Bagot

12. Chris Zeballos

13. Andrew Luttringer

14. Jun Arima

15. Nathan Clissold

East Coast would like to thank our 2015 Community Partners